Why Feeding America?

Why Feeding America®?

Putting it simply, we wanted to serve America first! Because here's an alarming fact: over 40 million Americans struggle with food insecurity every year. We can all relate to being hungry and a majority of us can easily head down to the nearest grocery store, restaurant, or heck, our refrigerator to fill our appetite. Unfortunately, however, for millions of fellow Americans it's not that simple.

We chose Feeding America® because not only are they are the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, they are responsible for over 3 billion meals a year being provided for those in need AND 98% of all money given to them goes directly into hunger relief efforts. So not only are they huge, but they're super efficient, which we love!

But wait, it gets better! Since they have a network of 200 food banks across the country, you can make an even greater impact by volunteering at the one nearest you!

In summary, we chose Feeding America® because they make the greatest impact, are fiscally responsible and efficient, and give us an easy way to get involved directly!

To learn more about Feeding America®, visit their website by clicking here.