Graphic Design Policy

At Qualified Apparel, we love helping to turn your creativity and vision for an awesome piece of apparel into a reality! It's not only great because it gives you an awesome garment to wear, but it also feeds families in America while doing so!

Our rate per graphic is only $45 and includes up to 3 free revisions. If more revising is needed, it'll be an additional $35 for 3 more revisions, and $10 for each revision thereafter.

We will work together to get you exactly the graphic you're looking for, and for 99% of our clients, they finish the design process completely satisfied!

Should there be a case when you are unhappy with the graphics rendered, we are happy to recommend the best avenue to find the right designer for you. However, you will still be responsible for paying the fees accrued during the design process.

We look forward to working with you and coming up with a totally awesome and one-of-a-kind graphic!

Please send an email to to get started!