Our Story


The Beginning:

Hi, how are you? Hope you're having an amazing day as always! My name is Ryan Huff, founder and CEO of Qualified Apparel. I started this positive impact brand in 2017 after a rant of positivity (basically, me in my room talking out loud to myself) led me to realizing my life's mission which is "to live a life worth remembering. Knowing that the world was made better because I lived."

The Mission & Positive Impact:

We categorize ourselves as a Positive Impact brand simply because we're not a fan of the term "giveback." While we understand the heart behind it, hearing "giveback", to us, denotes a feeling that something is owed or was taken. Given that our mission is to empower you to chase your potential and live a life that makes a positive impact, and even our logo itself is a radiating plus, that's exactly what we aim to accomplish in everything we do: radiate positivity. That's why every 1 item purchased provides 20 meals for families in America via our giving to Feeding America®! Learn why we chose them by clicking here.

The Vision:

Ultimately, our vision is to be the leading positive impact brand in the world. Providing food, clean water, education and freedom from sex trafficking to millions across the globe every year. Considering we are a U.S. based company, we wanted to serve America first and are elated for the opportunity to make a positive impact in other parts of the world as we grow!

The Growth:

We've experienced incredible growth since our inception and are excited for 2020 being our year of massive growth! It's so inspiring and fulfilling to see the Qualified Family continue to grow as more and more people rally around making a positive impact! We are truly blessed and give all the glory to God as we look forward to the future ahead!

Be a positive impact,

Ryan Huff

Founder/CEO, Qualified Apparel